An elegant life in the center of precursors. With its special architecture FEO Elegance brings greenery, culture, fashion, art and social life together. FEO redefines luxury and privilege and make them accessible. FEO brings its flawless service experience throughout the world to Elegance project. You will enjoy privilege with the White Glove Service.









FEO is at the heart of a history of 12.000 years where sun shines like jewelry, the blue sea falls into a deep and tranquil silence and cultures come together. Located at the heart of an area housing Bellapais Abbey with a gothic architecture from Roman times, Kyrenia Port formed by Venetians, Kyrenia Castle constructed by Byzantines and magnificent St. Hilarion Castle on Kyrenia Mountains, FEO Elegance will make your soul relax.  








A dreamlike island. Offers you heaven in the world. A jewel glittering in Kyrenia city with its breathtaking views. FEO Elegance – a dreamlike wellness center where perfection is detailed with passion and comfort meets with happy smiles.









A magnificent architecture looking down within the blue sky coloring the most beautiful paintings. Like a unique jewel ornamenting Kyrenia, it lightens up Kyrenia. With its specially designed architecture, 4 blocks, 362 apartments, landscaped areas and recreational facilities, FEO Elegance adds value to your privilege.

  • A guaranteed investment in EU territories
  • A privileged life with White Glove series
  • Continuous service through technical support
  • A guarded life with 24/ security
  • Comfort of a parking garage







At Elegance, thanks to floor gardens, bounds will fade away and the refreshing water will brightly flow. You will feel the privilege of being a part of an eco-friendly and ecologic history.

  • Floor Gardens
  • Drinking water treatment plant
  • Energy and resource management
  • Waste management
  • A-class energy products
  • Heat insulation system








FEO Elegance dazzles with its glitter just like Kyrenia. The first point where comfort, fashion, luxury, culture and nature come together FEO Elegance – an esthetic and elegant structure welcoming you and your guests. Take advantage of the exclusive opportunities of our “White Glove Services”.

  • White Glove Concierge ServicesCIP Services
  • VIP Service and Priority at Restaurants
  • VIP car rental services and priority
  • Motor rental services and priority
  • Discounts and service offers at hotels
  • Opportunity to benefit from Escape Beach Club VIP offerings
  • Shuttle for historical places
  • A special discount card for in-network providers
  • Free shuttle to universities
  • Grocery service at the door
  • Private VIP shuttle to 5-star hotels
  • 24-hour private taxi service





  • The first and only bank-guaranteed project.
  • A profitable rate with a return of investment in seven to ten years
  • Rent-guaranteed project
  • In the city center
  • In a city of universities
  • Close to hospitals and business centers
  • Within a tourism city with golden beaches
  • A great Mediterranean island where the sun shines for 12 months
  • Easy to access, close to Turkey
  • Guaranteed investment in European Union Meetings